Restaurant, Hotel & Office Artwork

Is your project in Healthcare?

Making the facility you are working on comfortable and soothing is important to your clients and their patients. The proper images can help to alleviate stress and helps make them feel at ease in their surroundings.

We will guide and advise you so you can choose the best options of the following kinds of places where a custom image can strike just the right note:

  • waiting rooms
  • examination rooms
  • assisted-living facilities
  • dental offices
  • medical offices
  • nursing homes
  • doctor’s offices
  • hospitals
  • treatment centers
  • and others

Do you work on Hospitality projects?

From a catering hall or restaurant to a hotel guest suite or country club, creating an attractive space means designing a warm, inviting location for those who are visiting or passing through. Surprise the guests with that unexpected image from around the world–or choose an image that is uniquely relevant to your theme. Either way, our variety of images will make the selection process easy.

Are your projects Corporate?

We have well-developed themes suited to your budget so that the images you select will present a unified idea. Whether you need images for hallways, conference rooms, offices, reception areas, or cafeterias, we offer great diversity and specialty areas of interest that represent the corporation or the discerning client.

What about Retail?

While images in this environment are significant, it is particularly important that they enhance rather than compete with retail merchandise. We call it “white noise” images–you need to have it but it is not the focal point of the space. Simple is sometimes the best. Any image you see on the website can also be done in black and white or sepia. We offer an assortment of photographs that make a statement without being dominant.

How can I use Red Zebra for my Residential projects?

These projects are personal and subjective and require a great deal of skill in helping clients make a selection.. Once you establish the theme, we have what you need to make everyone happy.