A Quote from Rona

I am often asked “Why are you a photographer?”

There is a reason I take photographs. It’s my way of expressing creativity and my unique point of view while connecting to our beautiful world. It’s a passion and vision that I get to share with others. The images I take of places, people, cultures, food, animals or nature carry me away from everyday life and transport me to a magical place. A magnificent sunset is truly humbling. Beautiful architecture speaks to me. It’s the way I see the world and finding something interesting in an ordinary place makes my day!

When composing a shot that’s either vertical or horizontal, my favorite view is in the details. An image is subjective and speaks differently to each of us through its color, texture, pattern, and perspective—all of which make up the details . Noticing the details helps the ultimate viewer to “see” that story. Others may pass by without “seeing”—I don’t. It’s no surprise that these design principles are in my head and come through in my images!

My limited-edition fine-art images are curated for the interior design market and Private Collectors.  These images give new collectors, art consultants and interior designers access to unique and original art for hospitality design, office and corporate décor, healthcare facilities and interior projects.  We can consult on the many different ways an image can be produced for you.  Only 50 limited-edition pieces of each print are available for sale in various mediums.